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joannesaki [userpic]

I haven't updated in a while

September 23rd, 2009 (08:59 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Yeah I have been a little inactive due to Ricky Ustreaming. Yes I blame him. He draws me yaoi

I have heard that I maybe not drifter at work now. A girl from work decided to quiet therefore I maybe taking her position and her children. I wont know until I am fully back at work.

At the moment I am shifting between two nursery due to having little children at mine and there is a lack of staff at the other. It is funny, I am more comfortable at this other nursery, I think since the staff are about my age and also as wacky.

Although I am just a dizty bugger anyway.

Art wise I have been in a urge fairy kick. Really going back to my orignal art. No sonic fancharacter and mind control. I must admit, I really getting bored off it. Yeah sometimes I do draw fetish stuff but it is mostly for other people, and not for myself.

I am actually thinking of taking off some stuff on FA. A lot of it is stuff I don't even like fetish wise anymore. (Paws and Vore). I kinda stopped liking it recently. It was fun will it lasted but meh. Sex doesn't even excite me much, maybe since I kinda scared of it now.

Oh well I might revert back to the sonic stuff later on but for just now its fairies, angels and commissions.