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joannesaki [userpic]

September 12th, 2009 (02:46 pm)

current mood: amused

Well my week been alittle weird. Actually it has been REALLY weird. How? It's quiet and I miss Shelly X3

Well the last couple of weeks I have been at another nursery. It is so much better than my own work, the people are lovely and include you more into there planning. My parents have noticed I have been a lot more cheerful because of the change.

On Tuesday I was at MY work, that night I moaned a lot. No wonder though. The babies staff were planning topics all year round and when I mentioned a couple of topics for them to do I just got a glare from the senior and told no. Here where mys suggestions:

"You could do colour's as a topic since the babies are really keen on it just now."

"No, we are doing that all year round."

Fair enough, no need to look at me as if am stupid though. I don't know the planning since I haven't got any.

"You could do mini beasts"

"No, thats apart of the gardening topic"

When did learning about bugs become a gardening topic? Gardening topic is normal your enviorment stuff. Yeah, bugs will come into it, but there is a lot more to insects than just flowers.

Oh... this one is the best one.

"How about Festivals? Like Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hanukkah stuff like that?"

"We could do Diwali, but there no need to do the rest. No point in doing Chinese New Year since we don't have a chinese child"

Yes... you read right.

ARGH! That is terrible! You aren't going to do festivals because we don't have that race in the nursery? That's like saying there are no Christians in the nursery so there no point in doing christmas stuff! It is part of the curriculum! I swear to god. Children need to learn about different cultures, that excuse is no' real!

So yeah. There also has been drama online. Poor Jared got his account hacked but he got it back yesterday. The hacker seemed to only take my refs down in his gallery. What a boring hacker, aren't you suppose to spam others and sumit goatee to ban the person? Oh well...

Am glad it is sorted though. A happy Jared makes a happy Jo <3

I also found out Ricky lost his job as well. I hope he gets another one soon, he doesn't deserve to be laid off. Especially for what he did for that company.

Anyhoo my vid for the entry; What I think should be Obsidian's theme: